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    News from fall

    20% minimum fresh organic milk of our donkeys in the "basic" soaps, 30% fresh organic milk in "special" soaps and 50% fresh organic milk in the face soap!
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From the fresh organic milk of my donkeys that I have hand-made every day, organic honey, organic propolis, the wax of my organic hives, flowers in my garden .... and full of love ... are the basic ingredients of the soaps and cosmetics that I make artisanally (Milk z'nes of my Mill)
When my soap is ready, he smiles to be well, bathed by a gentle light, he gives himself with pleasure to the cut out, lets himself stamped all titillated, ready to jump in his box to come to illuminate your focus.
Pet it, let it dry after each use, take care of it as it will take care of you and your skin !!
My soaps are packed in a small wooden box (recyclable), which is more natural than poplar (a tree that grows everywhere in France), handcrafted in our beautiful department in Meuse.

Bio products

Organic certified cosmetics with over 99% natural ingredients and a minimum of 42% organic ingredients

French quality

A recyclable packaging, using Airless technology for optimal protection of the formula and a better rate of return.

Donkey milk

Efficient products with a high concentration of MILK of our donkeys


The shipping costs are offered to you for France from 45 € of purchases. For the rest of Europe and Switzerland, the shipping costs are offered from 90 € of purchases and from 200 € for countries outside Europe.